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A portable computer lab THAT FITS IN YOUR HAND

We advance educational literacy and community self-sufficiency by developing digital and IT tools that reduce organizational inefficiencies of nonprofits.





Only through collective leadership can we achieve collective impact.
— Our philosophy


Community leaders in the developing world are tackling critical and often life-threatening issues on their own, with insufficient physical resources and manpower at their disposal. Our goal is to empower our local partners, whether it be a recreational facility in First Nation territory, an after-school homework zone in your neighbourhood community centre, or a volunteer-run deployment during disaster relief efforts in a developing country. The GREYBOX meets all your needs. 



How it works

Nonprofits in remote or "grey" areas around the world struggle to operate and run their services because of poor internet connectivity and lack of project and data management tools. We provide nonprofit wifi connection and access to crucial IT and project management resources. We connect nonprofits and education centres with the needed digital tools to facilitate their work in creating optimized solutions for the betterment of their communities. 



Our weather resistant box provides the setup of a whole computer lab. It can be transported and installed by a single person- anywhere in the world. 

Low Maintenance 

If you can connect a cellphone to a network, you can connect a GREYBOX too. It's that easy. Incredibly power efficient, it can be powered by solar panels or a small battery.


It's not reliant on real-time internet connection thanks to its integrated WIFI hub. It is also preloaded with thousands of hours of offline applications and educational content. 

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Ready to go

It provides users with immediate access to information and classes from worldwide experts, and allows them to collaborate under the same network. 



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